…the Minister of Justice, Ibrahim Najjar, has this to say about a new courthouse:

The minister explained that the court’s building has been modernized and equipped to facilitate organizing archives and preserving them by using computers instead of “piled up and at times rotten paper.”

Yes Minister Najjar, you will be entering a magical place where information is entered and stored via keyboards and scanners and people listen to music from plastic boxes the size of a deck of cards and phones have been freed from their chained existence. Its almost like Disneyland!

The “model court” funded by USAID is supposed to be part of a plan to reform the Lebanese judicial system. I personally think that the judicial system needs to be doused in gasoline and ignited in order to develop a new one from scratch. My two cents.

USAID tours the Beirut Execution Court where computers will be used.

USAID tours the Beirut Execution Court where (shock & horror) computers will be used.