First Australia compared a traffic accident to Beirut, and now it seems, Ireland has followed suit:

The area immediately outside Cregmore National School in Co Galway resembled a scene from war-torn Beirut after a truck yesterday crashed into a car, jack-knifed, crashed through a wall and smashed into 11 cars.

Amazing journalistic work Brian McDonald of the Irish Independent! I wonder where you got that phrase from:

Principal of the 222-pupil boys’ and girls’ school, Joe Kennelly, said he could hardly believe what he was seeing as the incident unfolded. “Never in my life have I seen anything like this. It was carnage, like a scene from Beirut and yes, it was that bad,” he said.

It was that bad? Really? I don’t know what’s worse, a truck flying out of control or a school principal and a newspaper journalist with poor knowledge of the real world. Well, Joe and Brian, your individual “Looks Like Beirut” Certificates are on their way.

Apparently this scene looks like Beirut

Apparently this scene looks like Beirut