A press release from California:

Cubic Corporation has been awarded defense contracts totaling more than $5 million to supply combat training systems to the governments of Lebanon and Kyrgyzstan, new international customers for Cubic.
Manufactured by Cubic’s Simulation Systems Division in Orlando, the state-of-the-art systems use digital video projectors, high-definition screens, game-based computer graphics and simulated weapons to create realistic, ballistically accurate “virtual” combat scenarios. They are used to teach and maintain marksmanship skills, team and squad training, and provide “shoot/don’t shoot” training for soldiers and police officers.

In essence the army has got its hand on some Nintendo Wii’s.

Lebanon has purchased five 10-lane EST 2000s that will be used by the conventional and Special Operations Forces of the Lebanese Army at five locations throughout the country.

Actually, they weren’t ‘purchased’, but once again, are a donation by the US and part of their military assistance package.