Lebanon’s only lesbian magazine has returned to cyberspace:

Lebanon’s online lesbian magazine Bekhsoos is back after a nearly one-year hiatus for almost one year.

The publication, whose Arabic name loosely translates as “Concerning,” was launched as a quarterly magazine in early 2008 by members of the Lebanese lesbian group Meem and was billed as the Arab world’s first publication for lesbian and bisexual women.

Back then, Bekhsoos published a mixture of news about sexual identity in the Arab world.

Now it plans to feature more investigative reports with the objective of filling “the gap of lesbian- and transgender-produced writing in the Arab world.”

Slowly, it seems, gay rights is advancing – could this parliament be the one that finally ends the discrimination and nullifies Article 534? That would be absolutely amazing, though I’m not holding my breath.

Note: I’m unable to visit the e-mag thanks to The Powers That Be in the UAE (hey that rhymes) who “nanny” my Internet access. So I leave you with thisĀ  – try not to laugh too hard:

The UAE's Internet Nanny

The UAE's Internet Nanny