Unless this anonymous resident was aboard Gulf Air 042 on Tuesday night, it is unlikely that he has ever stepped foot in Beirut:

A taxi driver has been shot in both legs after being attacked and dragged from his car in Strabane.


Strabane councillor Gerard Foley, who works with the victim, said the attackers had “done their homework”.


“A man asked me last night ‘Is this Beirut, because there seems to be nothing round here but shootings?'”

Yeah, blame the comment on some anonymous man. OK, so we have the occasional gunfights which are apparently capable of striking a commercial jet flying at 37,000 feet (to put the rumor to rest, no, a stray bullet originating from a gunfight in Beirut’s southern suburbs did not hit the Gulf Air flight which had just cleared Cyprus and was heading towards Tripoli).

Gerard Foley, I’ve determined, as Strabane’s councilor and as the person who heard someone else use the “looks like Beirut” phrase, it would be best that you receive the certificate.