According to a new report by Cushman & Wakefield, retail rent  recoveries in the Middle East are lagging behind from the rest of the world:

While more than 80 percent of global retail markets saw a rebound in rents over the past year, prime rents in the Middle East either fell or remained static, the study showed.


The declines were particularly severe in Bahrain (26.7 percent), Syria (16.7 percent) and Jordan (7.7 percent), while the UAE (three percent) and Qatar (2.2 percent) registered more modest falls.

Rental uplift was confined to Lebanon (5.2 percent), where values in the top shopping areas of Beirut proved resilient to external factors.

According to the same report, the top three malls in the Middle East (based on rental prices) are:

  1. ABC Center Achrafieh in Beirut (ranked 37th globally)
  2. Raya Mall in Kuwait (44th)
  3. City Stars in Cairo (48th)
Souk Tawileh in Beirut Souks - A.K.Khalifeh

Souk Tawileh in Beirut Souks - A.K.Khalifeh