I just stumbled upon this today and I honestly have no idea how I missed it. The article is dated April 6, 2010:

Cyber crusader says Beirut isn’t like it used to be

A TIVERTON councillor has fallen foul of a humorous cyber crusader who defends the image of the formerly war-torn city of Beirut.

Cllr Kevin Wilson recently compared the state of the roads in Tiverton to those of Lebanese capital, after the problems posed by potholes in Pinnex Moor Road were highlighted by residents.

The former town mayor was amazed last week when he received a letter bearing a Dubai postmark and sent by a Lebanese blogger who took him to task for his use of an ‘unoriginal’ and ‘tired cliche’.

The Looks Like Beirut award arrived on April Fool’s Day, (last Thursday) and although the award is a light- hearted creation, the website which runs the campaign has a serious message.


Cllr Wilson took the award in the spirit it was intended and was fairly unflappable about being persona not grata in Beirut but acknowledged that his comments may have been unfair.

I feel dumbfounded on how I let this one slip. In any case, the response is absolutely great and the site even has a photo of Councilor Kevin Wilson holding up the certificate! What a great way to start the weekend.

this is Exeter: Cllr Kevin Wilson with the certificate he received

this is Exeter: Cllr Kevin Wilson with the certificate he received

Here’s a reminder on why I had sent Cllr Wilson the certificate in the first place.