So what exactly makes Orchard Park on the northern border of Cambridge in the UK look like Beirut? Well according to Geramine Greer’s report, it is this:

…exhibited “varying styles and quality of design around key features . . . poor quality of build, external gas pipes, poor bricklaying … and buildings erected in the wrong place”.

So that’s Beirut. Well, I’m not going to say much about the statement, I will let the residents of this community speak for themselves:


I’ve never heard it referred to as Beirut either. Perhaps that is how Ms Greers Cambridge pals refer to the area, but I’m sure none of them actually live here…or have ever spent any time here.


Beirut? How ridiculous, having lived on Orchard park for nearly two years and having spent time with a number of my neighbours never once have I heard it called Beirut.


I’ve lived in Orchard Park for eighteen months now and I don’t recognise her description of my home. She says locals call it ‘Beirut’: No they don’t – they call it Orchard Park

So Ms. Greer, for your outstanding work in journalism and even greater performance in the use of metaphors, I bestow on you the Looks Like Beirut certificate.