Looks Like Beirut Certificate

Looks Like Beirut Certificate

Looks Like Beirut Certificate

Welcome to the place where I track the over-used, tired, cliché to describe destruction, demise and doom :: looks like Beirut. I have been changing attitudes since January 2009 with over 200 instances with the help of my snail mailed certificate.

You can read all my posts on the phrase as well as keep track of the people who have used it via the Looks Like Beirut – Google Map!

View Looks Like Beirut – Mapped Across the World by Jad Aoun in a larger map


  1. It’s Like Beirut. It’s Absolutely Disgraceful | Blog Baladi - […] use of the “Looks like Beirut” cliché was documented by a Lebanese blogger called Jad Aoun, who used to…

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