Somerset, UK

A common occurrence in countries that face a great deal of rain – trucks on construction sites dragging mud onto the main roads. But some people on Bradford Road are not happy:

Diane Bradly claims residents of Bradford Road, which borders Misterton and Crewkerne and neighbours the Bradfords development, are suffering because lorries for the Betterment Homes site cannot use a road which was designated for access due to a legal dispute.


Resident Dennis Holland, 50, […] said: “When they knocked [the previous building] down it was like Beirut and now it’s gone from being dusty to muddy.”

Apparently, dusty buildings equates to Beirut. Dennis, you haven’t seen dusty until you’ve lived in a desert. I’ll see if I can find your home address, but in the meantime, here’s your look like Beirut certificate.

Dusty Dodge

Dusty Dodge in Hamra -- via flickr