I am not alluding to one of the Ten Commandments or the acts of violence done in the name of God. I’m talking about art and music:

Scandal has hit the Rahbani family. Ziad Rahbani, the son of Lebanese diva Feirouz and great musician Assi Rahbani, said he discovered in 2004 that his son, whom he had named after his own father, is in fact not his son.

Now Ziad is suing to reject paternity and prevent “his son” from using the Rahbani name. Here’s a little bio:

In 1979, Ziad married Dalal Karam, a young woman from a conservative middle class family. A few years later, the couple had a son.

(Well not that conservative I guess)

Ziad and Karam had a difficult marriage and divorced. He did not see his son, now 24, for years. Meanwhile, the young man has become a talented movie director, winning prizes for his first film, Beirut and Beirut.

I honestly have never heard of him but let’s take the article’s word for it.

When Ziad and Assi took a DNA test in 2004 the elder Rahbani discovered that he was not the younger’s father.

Now this is probably the best part:

In a phone call, Assi said he didn’t know his DNA was tested. “How could they make the test without telling me?” he asked, saying that he “believes in himself and in God”.

Not only does it turn out that he’s not the son of a famous artist, but he had hair plucked from his head or a cotton swab swirled into his mouth or toenail clipped without him knowing.

God, how I would hate to be him.