Originally reported by L’Orient-Le Jour, however my French is nonexistent so here’s the article from MRzine:

Nearly two hundred people gathered yesterday afternoon [February 22] at the crossroads of Sodeco in Beirut to protest against violations of the rights of social minorities in Lebanon.

The event, organized by Helem, was to draw people’s attention to discrimination towards women and homosexuals.

Standing in the rain near the entrance of a parking lot, participants waved rainbow flags and placards calling for equality of all before the law, in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere

Of course being Lebanon, the event had to have its hecklers:

[One onlooker] seeing that a journalist was trying to photograph him, said very seriously: “Let me leave, please.  I don’t want people to take me for a fag.”  As for the soldiers who were there to keep order, they didn’t hesitate to hurl bad jokes at the participants, categorizing all of them as homosexuals.

Here’s an amateur video of the event: