Contractors have broken ground on what is to be the tallest building in Beirut, Sama Beirut:

[A] 50-story luxury residential tower in the Sodeco area. Launched in mid-August by Sama developer Antonios Projects, it is expected to be completed by 2014. The tower will rise from a 5,000 square meter plot, of which the actual building will occupy 1,200 square meters, leaving the rest for a private garden.

Actually, the ground-breaking building will also be breaking ground into something never seen before in Lebanon, Green Buildings:

The architects are Elie and Randya Gebrayel from the Erga group, who have designed the project with LEED accreditation in mind.

In essence, a building that will waste less and use less energy than a conventional structure. Well done! This actually follows on the heel of Hayek Groups’s launch of none-other than, Green Tower, Lebanon’s first green residential building (though not LEED certified).

Sama Beirut Ad by Impact BBDO - From jazarah!

Sama Beirut Ad by Impact BBDO - From jazarah!