How many of us could forget this scene:

Lebanese Chefs Preparing Hummus

Or this:

Hummus: Lebanese Style

Well, the Israelis cant:

At the risk of whipping up discord with Lebanon, an Arab-Israeli village is planning to make the world’s biggest hummus, a humble chickpea dip that stirs passions across the Middle East.

On Friday, residents of Abu Gosh, near Jerusalem, will mash up 4,000 kilogrammes (8,800 pounds) of chickpeas, sesame paste, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

That is twice as much as the Guinness record set in October by chefs in Lebanon, Israel’s neighbour, longtime political foe and culinary rival.

Great! It seems that Maya’s story telling has come to life. Though for some reason, Israelis prefer our hummus over theirs:

Israelis generally recognise the best hummus is made by Arabs.

Quite a general statement if you ask me but hey, it could be true.