Picture this – an empty plot of beachfront land, the community trying to decide what to construct in its place, a bar or family-oriented restaurant, and in the midst of the arguments, Beirut is slammed a number of times:

Proponents of the [bar] project included Amit Patel, of the Rodeway Inn in Daytona Beach.

It looks like Beirut when you drive down Daytona,” Mr. Patel said referring to the empty lot on which the developers want to build. “It looks bad. I just want something there.”

Other suggestions for the property included turning it into a beachfront park.

“I would love more than anything to see that property developed (into a park),” said resident Randall Phillips. “It’s like a war zone when you look at that property.”


Edith Shelley, who is also running for city commission Zone 1, said she was appalled at the exaggerations that were made.

“Anyone who says our beachfront looks like Beirut obviously has not been to Beirut,” said Ms. Shelley.

Edith’s comment was definitely the icing on the cake. Who would have thought that you’d have such a concentration of poorly informed people living in the same area. Maybe it’s all that sea air getting into their brains. Nevertheless, certificates will be mailed out, in the meantime, you can admire the award here until you receive it (Amit, Randall, Edith).

Apparently this plot of land "looks like Beirut".

Apparently this plot of land "looks like Beirut".