In what I thought was a mundane article from UPI titled U.S. ‘to give Lebanon light attack planes’ it actually had some interesting, yet disturbing news towards the end:

…the U.S. security consultancy Stratfor says the Pentagon wants to establish [a special group] as an elite [Lebanese] army unit. Its main function will be countering Hezbollah. That could lead to a potentially explosive political confrontation that many Lebanese want to avoid. At present, the army remains weak — kept that way by Lebanese political barons who do not want their power threatened — and fractious, heavily penetrated by Hezbollah sympathizers.
“The new unit is expected to selectively recruit and its leadership will consist almost entirely of Maronite Christians and Sunni from Akkar in northern Lebanon, among which Hezbollah has little sway,” Stratfor said.

Now that’s going to work out quite well. Civil War Part Deux anyone?

Hawker-Beechcraft AT-6

The hardware the US plans to provide to the Lebanese Army as well as an anti-Hezbollah special unit.