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Believe it or not, much of Wichita’s history can be traced back to Lebanese descendants.

That’s what a Wichita State professor found out during research for a new book, titled, “Wichita’s Lebanese Heritage.”

Jay Price said the inspiration behind the book can be found on the WSU campus.

“Well when you’re at Wichita State and you go to Ablah Library and Jabara Hall, it was even in that this is a community that is so important to wichita and its story and it deserves to be told,” Price said.

The book chronicles the lives of Lebanese decedents in Wichita, who today continues to be a driving force in the community. Such names include the Jabaras, the Farhas and Stevens.

“What’s most amazing to me is that my friends who move to wichita are always shocked by the number of Lebanese people here,” Joan Farha said. She said the new book can now answer questions why the Lebanese descended on Wichita.

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