An interesting article out of Canada:

Corporate sponsors are paying for hundreds of supporters of the pro-Western Future Movement in Calgary and in other Canadian cities to vote on June 7, CBC News has learned.

The way the Future Movement coordinator in Canada puts it, it seems these companies can write the expense off as CSR:

“This is a big election, and it is a lot of people who [would] love to vote but they cannot vote because of funds … so those companies are making it easy for them,” said Faouzi Salem, a Future Movement co-ordinator in Calgary.

“There [are] sponsors in the world who [pay] for those tickets … European companies, Middle Eastern companies who … they would love to see free Lebanon, independent Lebanon. They want to see democratic government in the future, so they’re dedicating all their supports.”

As for the other side:

…they’re doing the same thing, no? They’re taking people from all over the world,” said Salem.

Oh in that case, its got to be right. I mean if God’s Party is doing it…

Update – June 2, 2009: Experts express concerns over Canadians flying to Lebanon to vote