Alright, I originally didn’t want to comment on the ET409 flight that crashed off the Beirut coast late last month but honestly now, it has gotten pathetic:

From Reuters:

Pilot error caused the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane off the coast of Lebanon last month which killed all 90 people on board, a source familiar with the investigation into the accident said Tuesday.

From AFP:

An Ethiopian jet which crashed off Lebanon’s coast last month exploded after take-off, Lebanon’s health minister said on Tuesday in the first such official comment since the mysterious crash.
“The plane exploded during flight and the cabin, as well as the bodies of those on board were dispersed into the sea, in different locations,” Khalifeh said to explain why some corpses were found dismembered.

Can no one wait for the investigation? The black box just touched down in Paris for God’s sake. What is the point of jumping to conclusions back and forth? Was there a lack of conspiracies in Lebanon this week so some people in the government decided to feed the flames? Maybe both theories are true – maybe both are wrong. What’s the point if there’s no definitive answer?

Just had to get that off my chest.