So what do you do if your parents are forcing you to marry? Easy, just request you get put on a no-fly list:

A Lebanese family based in Sydney has been banned from taking their daughter to their home country for an arranged marriage. The Federal Magistrates Court acted after the girl, aged 17, called Australian Federal Police from her home while her mother was out, saying she had been booked to fly out of Australia against her will. The girl, who cannot be named, wanted police to put her name on an airport watch list so she could not pass through passport control without triggering an alarm.

And so the police got the courts to comply; saving the 17 year old from a marriage set-up where the sales pitch most probably went like this: “I have a beautiful daughter for you. She’s just about to turn 18 and she has an Australian passport. You’d love to live in Australia, wouldn’t you? She’s perfect for you”.