Australia’s Newcastle compared to a Friday Night in Beirut 2

Newcastle, Australia As my pal Rabih (over at SkyscraperCity) perfectly pointed out: “it’s been a busy 24 hours for bigots in Newcastle, Australia news rooms“. Speaking at a Hunter Valley Research Foundation function at state Parliament yesterday, Infrastructure NSW chairman and former Liberal premier Nick Greiner issued a blunt assessment […]

Downtown Beirut - November 2007 -- via Wikipedia

beirut street scene by stevendamron -- via flickr

Shire Council’s Diasterous Clean-up Compared to Beirut 1

New South Wales, Australia The Sutherland Shire Council has pulled the plug on its twice-yearly cleanup service after issues with broken-down trucks and reduced staff numbers left many streets inundated with unwanted junk: The council resolved at a meeting on Monday to replace the biannual rubbish pick-up with a twice-yearly […]

Vandals Deface Lebanese Immigrant Statue in Australia 2

The Lebanese Immigrant Statue (apparently there are 12 around the world) has been defaced in a park in Australia: A $60,000 Preston statue celebrating Lebanese immigration has been defaced with racist and sexually gratuitous graffiti. The statue, unveiled at Preston’s Ray Bramham Gardens in November, pays homage to the “thousands […]

Lebanese immigrant statue defaced in 'disgusting' attack

The Age's Paul Millar Fails to Address "Beirut" Concern 8

A follow-up on the previous post, I emailed the author of the article, Paul Millar, following antissa’s suggestion and here is a copy of the email I sent to him: Dear Paul, Thank you for shedding light on what “downtown Beirut” looks like – we Lebanese bloggers have found your latest article very fascinating. […]

According to Australia's The Age, Guildford Avenue Resembles Downtown Beirut 13

A big thanks to rouba, Antoun Issa, Olivia Alabaster, and Liliane (Lebanon Aggregator) for the link. According to one eye witness by the name of Andrew, and supported by The Age’s Paul Millar: Suburban street like ‘downtown Beirut’ after shooting, firebombing Paul Millar June 23, 2011 – 11:23AM A witness to the […]