Downtown Beirut - November 2007 -- via Wikipedia 2
Newcastle, Australia As my pal Rabih (over at SkyscraperCity) perfectly pointed out: “it’s been a busy 24 hours for bigots in Newcastle, Australia news rooms“. Speaking at a Hunter Valley Research Foundation function at state Parliament yesterday, Infrastructure NSW chairman and former Liberal premier Nick Greiner issued a blunt assessment […]

Australia’s Newcastle compared to a Friday Night in Beirut

Fireworks are great fun to watch but, according to Rodger Dee, alderman at the Darwin City Council in Australia, when they get too loud, things end up like Beirut: One council member has compared cracker night to a “war zone”. […] Alderman Rodger Dee told a meeting on Tuesday he was in […]

"It was like Beirut Out There"

A big thanks to rouba, Antoun Issa, Olivia Alabaster, and Liliane (Lebanon Aggregator) for the link. According to one eye witness by the name of Andrew, and supported by The Age’s Paul Millar: Suburban street like ‘downtown Beirut’ after shooting, firebombing Paul Millar June 23, 2011 – 11:23AM A witness to the […]

According to Australia's The Age, Guildford Avenue Resembles Downtown Beirut