Scoring Points for Tasks Completed

Gamification is an incredible marketing tool to get stakeholders to use online services – the more services they use, the more points they get. Collect enough points, and you get a gift and recognition. The idea behind gamification is simple – create a game out a new procedure to get employees or other stakeholders to engage with the new system. The ‘game’ includes points, scoreboards, and rankings allowing for friendly competition while advancing engagement.

Number of employees currently participating

Scoring Points All-Around

As the developer of the company’s gamification system, I handled the initial setup (point allocations, integrations with IT, launch announcement, etc.) as well as the regular maintenance and monitoring of the system. Once an employee reaches the required threshold, a personalized gift and certificate is sent to employee’s top manager to hand over the reward to the employee with photos of the event shared internally and throughout the company’s social media pages.

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